Digital Download Buying Guide

How do I get the download?
When you've finished your PayPal transaction, you'll receive an email from with a link to a zip file containing all the materials.
What comes in the zip file?
In the zip comes
  • the svg file containing all of the colors in the stencil
  • the full-res png file of the image containing all colors
  • individual svg files containing just the individual colors (separated out)
  • individual bridged svg files
  • individual svg files of just the bridges
  • individual png files of the bridged stencil layers
  • a simulated image of the painted stencil
Read a full description of the download.
How do I use it?
You can make your stencil several ways:
  • Print out each bridged stencil file and cut your stencil using the printed file as a template
  • Use the vector file with a craft cutter to cut the stencil
  • Use the vector file with a laser cutter to cut the stencil
  • Supply the vector file to a commercial cutting service
  • Project the unbridged files onto a surface and paint by hand
How to cut your own stencils by hand.