Stencil Ideas

Kids' party favors
Why not put your birthday boy or girl on the bags of party favors at your next special party?
Custom greeting cards
Whether it's Valentine's Day or a Greeting of the Season, handmade says it all.
Change of address card
Moving? Take a photo of your new place and make it look super in a handmade custom card
Wedding present
Take a great candid shot at the wedding? Do something a little different with it.
Alternative to prints
A photo print just doesn't seem special enough? Make it handmade--make it a work of art.
Screen print your own t-shirt
Who says you have to buy your neighborhood t-shirt? Why not make it?
Screen print your own reusable tote bag
Who says you have to use a tote bag with somebody else's brand or message on it? Why not put your own message out there?
Logos on packaging
Put your logo on that package before you send it out to your first big customer. Custom packaging becomes super-affordable at any size with your own logo stencil.
Start your artist canvas
Having trouble getting started with that canvas you always wanted to paint? Just upload the image that you're using for inspiration, and use the stencil to paint the first pass. You'll be surprised at how quickly the rest of it goes.
Chalk art storytelling
Start with your child's name for chalk art on the street, and build a collection of reusable stencils that you can use to tell your story right on the street.
Spirit interiors
Show your employee of the month how special she is by stenciling her face right onto the wall.
Parking spots
Make someone feel special by stenciling their face onto their parking spot.
Sifted sugar stencil on cake
White powdered sugar on a simple, unfrosted chocolate cake makes a great combination. Use the lighter layer of a two-color stencil to make your design come alive. Works for sugar cookies too--just use the darker layer of a two-color stencil, and a dark sprinkle like colored sugar.