Stencil Ideas for Artists

Photographers, painters, fashion designers and grafitti artists all use stencils. Here are some things you can do with Bay Stencil and a little artistic inspiration.

Wedding kiss stenciled onto Just Married car

Up the value of your event photography

Take a great candid shot at the wedding? Do something a little different with it. When a photo print doesn't seem like enough, add a custom stencil to the package.

Surprised face stenciled onto artist canvas

Canvas starters for painters

Having trouble getting started with that tricky portrait commission? Just upload the image that you're using for inspiration, and use the stencil to paint the first value pass. You'll be surprised at how quickly the rest of it goes.

Drake stencil on vinyl LP

Faces on vinyl LPs

Do you have a special source of vintage vinyl? A cache of old books? Leather handbags? Give them new life with a custom stencil you make to order.

Protest slogan and image on placard

Bring your cause to light

Next time you take your protest to the street, be prepared! With a stencil, you can use available materials and surfaces to get your message out.

Yuri Gargarin spaceman on canvas with heart sprayed on

Mass customize your creations

If you start with a template that you know you'll have success with, you can add your personal touch and make it a unique item with a single flourish.

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Tip #3:
Don't get hung up on color
Once you have the stencil in your hands, you can reproduce it in any colors you like. Krylon sells paint in over a hundred colors, as does Montana Gold. You won't have any problem finding the right colors.