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  1. The Stencilizer is intended as an artistic site that helps you turn your prize images into beautiful stencils. We make money to run the service in one of the following ways:
    • Selling you the physical stencil of your image
    • Selling you a digital asset that allows you to cut your own physical stencil
    • Collecting a donation from you
    • Getting affiliate revenue from associated products such as paints or related supplies
    • Collecting ad revenue by showing you ads

    To that end, we may send updates to you from time to time about new features, promotions or new content on the blog.

    This information about our business is provided to you so that you can understand the service we provide and how we intend to keep it running. It's not meant to be exhaustive of every possibility, but to give you the best information about our intentions. It's subject to change.

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  3. By uploading the image, you do not give up any rights to use the image yourself.
  4. We will treat your uploaded photo as your private data, with the following exception(s):
    • From time to time, we may select photos and showcase the image and the resulting stencil (without using the email address to identify the author). All users will be notified in advance of such usage, and will be given the opportunity to opt out. It is up to you to use an email address where you will see a notification that an image of yours will be showcased.
    • Most photos are never examined by a person, but in the event that we see a photo that contains information that must be acted upon, then we may take private or public action (including contacting authorities) based on the email address and the information in the photo.
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    • Facebook Pixel. We don't really use this information, but we allow Facebook to collect data through the website so that, if we use Instagram or Facebook to advertise to users, we can track the effectiveness of our ad spending.
    • Paypal tracking pixel. Paypal reports things like shopping cart abandonment to us when we display the PayPal pixel. This is helpful information, but we could probably live without it because we can figure out those statistics in other ways. We're afraid to remove it because we don't want to make anything stop working.

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Tip #11:
Better than vinyl for signs
Vinyl signs are expensive, and the second one costs almost as much as the first! With a stencil you can design once and reproduce (and repair) your signs as often as you like. Spray paint comes in many more colors than vinyl, and with a stencil you can use more than one color per layer, if you like.
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