Stencil Ideas for Fans and Fanatics

Fans come in all shapes in sizes. Whether it's game day or new product releases that get you going, you'll find a way to show your spirit here.

Baseball team faces stenciled on locker doors

Players' faces in the clubhouse

Your team works hard, and they'll work even harder out on the field with this kind of encouragement. Personalize the locker room and see the difference.

Checkered flag and American flag on garbage and recycling cans

Show your colors

Show your patriotism by adding some flare to your garbage cans.

Dog image stenciled inside garage near kennel

Big fan of this dog

Show a special canine respect with a stencil right on the wall. Cherish a beloved companion and remember them always.

Gear bag stenciled with league logo

Team logo on gear and clothing

The first stencil stop for fans is the team logo. Most team logos are in three, four, or five colors. That's ideal, because Bay Stencil gives you picture-perfect reproduction of logos for color and shape.

Oscar Mayer logo on pillow

Brand's biggest fan

Not your thing? I understand, but this logo is awesome.

Putin peering over the toilet paper dispenser

Win the bathroom humor contest

Some statements are best made at home, right?

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Tip #13:
Made for Craft Cutters
Whether you have a Cricut or a Silhouette, you can cut these SVGs. Turn any image into a stencil and cut it yourself on any craft cutter that supports SVG. Just upload the appropriate file for each layer, cut from standard card stock, and paint wherever you like.