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AT-AT Stencil

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AT-AT stands for All-Terrain Armored Transport, and was used by Imperial forces in a ground attack on rebel forces on Hoth.

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Stenciled image is
(w) x (h) inches

Bridged Layers

The bridged layers are specially made so that they won't fall apart or lose 'islands' when you cut them.

Thumbnail of bridged layer 1 of stencil of AT-AT

Layer 1

Thumbnail of bridged layer 2 of stencil of AT-AT

Layer 2

Thumbnail of bridged layer 3 of stencil of AT-AT

Layer 3

Thumbnail of bridged layer 4 of stencil of AT-AT

Layer 4


Using the Stencils

Cut out and paint your four-layer stencil of AT-AT. Decide whether you will use the natural surface color as one of your layers. For example, if your surface color is close to the color  snow , then you may choose to omit the first layer since the surface has this color already. Download the free cut files to cut this stencil of AT-AT yourself. Or upload your own image to turn it into a stencil.

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