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Stencil Kit Buying Guide

What do I get?
That depends on what kind of stencil you order. All stencils are made of 7mil mylar. They are durable, flexible and washable.
  • 14" x 11" stencils come flat in a 15" x 12" envelope, and are shipped First Class USPS thick envelope with tracking
    • between 2 and 5 laser-cut stencils, each 14" x 11"
    • instructions for how to get the most out of your stencils
  • 24" x 18" stencils come rolled up in a 2 foot long thin cardboard box, and are shipped USPS parcel with tracking
    • between 2 and 5 laser-cut stencils, each 24" x 18"
    • instructions for how to get the most out of your stencils
How do my stencils get here?
First class USPS thick letter or parcel, with tracking. In the US, it takes a 3-5 days from when they're mailed. Outside the US takes a little longer.

Buying Tips

What size should I get?
Get the smallest size that meets your application. For outdoor work, err on the larger side; artwork that's far away (on a billboard or a wall) always looks smaller than it does when it's right next to your face at eye level. For a t-shirt--and for many indoor applications--14 x 11 is plenty large.
Can I get a custom size?
Yes, when you order your stencil you can request any size, from half-size up to the full size of the stencil material (allowing for borders). So, if you want your image to be 9 inches by 10 inches, order the 11 x 14 stencil kit and include special instructions to cut the stencil at resolution that leaves it at 9 x 10. The stencil cutter will scale the image for you. (It's up to you to maintain the correct aspect ratio.)
2 colors? 5 colors? How many color layers should I get?
Generally, the smaller number of layers you can use to get the desired effect, the better. Two-tone stencils are far quicker to paint than stencils that have five or more tones. They also look more refined. Three layers looks pretty good, but five layers starts to look pretty technical for most applications. T-shirts are an exception, where two, three, or four tones on a solid background works pretty well.

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Tip #8:
Surrender the flash
Capture the best image you can with available light. Using an ordinary flash will flatten your image and eliminate the sideways shadows that help your eye recognize the features of a prominent object (like your dad's nose).
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