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Baseball Mitt Stencil



Baseball mitt with baseball.

What's inside? | Custom sizes

$ 29 .95
Stenciled image is
(w) x (h) inches

Bridged Layers

The bridged layers are specially made so that they won't fall apart or lose 'islands' when you cut them.

Thumbnail of bridged layer 1 of stencil of Baseball Mitt

Layer 1

Thumbnail of bridged layer 2 of stencil of Baseball Mitt

Layer 2

Thumbnail of bridged layer 3 of stencil of Baseball Mitt

Layer 3

Thumbnail of bridged layer 4 of stencil of Baseball Mitt

Layer 4


Using the Stencils

Cut out and paint your four-layer stencil of Baseball Mitt. Decide whether you will use the natural surface color as one of your layers. For example, if your surface color is close to the color  whitesmoke , then you may choose to omit the first layer since the surface has this color already. Download the free cut files to cut this stencil of Baseball Mitt yourself. Or upload your own image to turn it into a stencil.

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Tip #8:
Surrender the flash
Capture the best image you can with available light. Using an ordinary flash will flatten your image and eliminate the sideways shadows that help your eye recognize the features of a prominent object (like your dad's nose).
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