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Stencils of images for sports gear, sporting organizations, icons representing sports, people practicing sport. Everything except individual teams, logos and specific athletes.

Sport is an essential human activity. For thousands of years, humans have simulated hunting, running and fighting activities with sport to prepare themselves for the real thing. Today, sport serves a purpose of connecting us, conditioning us, and letting us blow off steam in the absence of those activities that we used to engage in. It keeps us from getting into wars and interpersonal conflicts, and keeps us physically and mentally healthy.

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Find stencils searching by name or keyword.


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Tip #15:
Try a halftone CMYK stencil
Sometimes you just want to reproduce as many colors and details of an image as you can. But who wants to cut and paint 20 layers just to get 20 shades in the final image? With a CMYK color-separated stencil, you use just three colors: Cyan, Magenta and Yellow; plus black, to reproduce the full gamut of color.
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