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Happy Birthday stencils are a great way to decorate cakes, walls, or special areas frequented by birthday celebrants.

Birthday stencils often include popular birthday-related images, such as balloons, cakes, candles, party hats, presents, or phrases like "Happy Birthday." They provide a convenient way to add decorative elements to birthday cards, gift wrap, party invitations, banners, posters, or even cakes.

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Search Stencils

Find stencils searching by name or keyword.


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Tip #20:
Less is more
You might think that, the more color layers a stencil has, the better. But often less is more. Portraits of faces work great with three layers: dark, mid-tone and light. They're easier to cut and paint, and they're usually more elegant and pleasing to look at. Our advice: shoot for three layers, and add layers as needed.