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Stencils of boats, submarines, sailboats, yachts.

The practice of referring to boats, ships, and other vessels as feminine has historical and cultural roots. In some cases it comes down to linguistic tradition: many languages assign grammatical gender to nouns. Also, boats and ships have been personified throughout history, often portrayed as goddesses, nymphs, or protectors. This personification creates a connection between the vessel and feminine qualities such as grace, beauty, and nurturing.

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Find stencils searching by name or keyword.


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Tip #20:
Less is more
You might think that, the more color layers a stencil has, the better. But often less is more. Portraits of faces work great with three layers: dark, mid-tone and light. They're easier to cut and paint, and they're usually more elegant and pleasing to look at. Our advice: shoot for three layers, and add layers as needed.
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