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Marine Corps stencils show solidarity and support for US troops at home and abroad, and are a great way to thank veterans for their service.

The United States Marine Corps is a land- and sea-based fighting force that has technically been part of the Department of the Navy since the 1830s. The primary use of sea power is amphibious landing of a land fighting force; however the USMC operates its own aviation capability, based aboard Naval aircraft carriers. The motto of the Marines is 'Semper Fideles', often abbreviated to 'Semper Fi'.

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Find stencils searching by name or keyword.


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Better than vinyl for signs
Vinyl signs are expensive, and the second one costs almost as much as the first! With a stencil you can design once and reproduce (and repair) your signs as often as you like. Spray paint comes in many more colors than vinyl, and with a stencil you can use more than one color per layer, if you like.
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