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Stencils of mammals, vertebrates, fish, reptiles, birds, and insects.

The animal kingdom is incredibly diverse, with a vast array of species that inhabit various ecosystems around the world. It is estimated that there are over 8.7 million animal species on Earth, inhabiting forests, deserts, oceans, grasslands, and polar regions. Appreciating this diversity by stenciling animals can deepen our understanding of the natural world and inspire conservation efforts to protect and sustain the planet's biodiversity.

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Find stencils searching by name or keyword.


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Tip #16:
Repeating stencils for wall and floor
Did you ever want to cover the wall of a room with tractors? I did. Stencils are a great way of reproducing a wallpaper effect, but with your custom image. Use MidJourney's 'tile' option to create endless variations of repeating patterns. Choose the one you like best, and Bay Stencil turns it into a cuttable, paintable SVG stencil.
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