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Stencils of Famous Landmarks

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Stencils of landmarks can capture the site and terrain of the landmark, or just the structure itself.

A landmark refers to a prominent or easily recognizable feature that serves as a point of reference or a significant symbol of a particular place. Buildings and statues and carved monuments make great stencils because they are immediately available to the eye. They look great when reproduced at large scale, so be economical with the number of layers you choose. Landmarks can also be natural, such as mountains, rivers, or rock formations that have cultural or historical significance.

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Find stencils searching by name or keyword.


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Tip #15:
Try a halftone CMYK stencil
Sometimes you just want to reproduce as many colors and details of an image as you can. But who wants to cut and paint 20 layers just to get 20 shades in the final image? With a CMYK color-separated stencil, you use just three colors: Cyan, Magenta and Yellow; plus black, to reproduce the full gamut of color.
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