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Wall stencils for painting repeating patterns, natural or designed patterns, AI-generated patterns all make good wall or floor or furniture stencils.

Many of these repeating wall stencil patterns are two-color, and so the best way to paint a two-color repeating pattern is to paint a solid background in one color, and then to repeat the stencil in the other color. So you can use it just like a wallpaper stencil. That way, you don't have to paint two stencils per block. You may want to add your own registration marks to help you register the stencil against the previous painting on the top or side of the stencil. That way you have a little overlap between each layer and the next. Furniture stencils are used by the same patterns to match or contrast the wall pattern.

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Search Stencils

Find stencils searching by name or keyword.


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Tip #8:
Surrender the flash
Capture the best image you can with available light. Using an ordinary flash will flatten your image and eliminate the sideways shadows that help your eye recognize the features of a prominent object (like your dad's nose).
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