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Stencils for Sports Teams

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Logos and insignias from popular sports teams from all over: basketball, soccer, football, baseball are big favorites.

Sports team stencils are a great way to show your devotion and fanhood for your favorite sports team. While tailgating, you can chalk your stencil right down on the parking lot. Or make a more permanent mark on your driveway, or garage wall. Wherever you can grill, you can put the logo of your team. Be *that* guy!

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Search Stencils

Find stencils searching by name or keyword.


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Made for Craft Cutters
Whether you have a Cricut or a Silhouette, you can cut these SVGs. Turn any image into a stencil and cut it yourself on any craft cutter that supports SVG. Just upload the appropriate file for each layer, cut from standard card stock, and paint wherever you like.
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